Train Routing XML Editing Tool

This tool was created to allow the user an easier and less error prone experience when editing the TrainRouting.xml files present in Run 8 Version 3. Please note that this tool is a work in progress and may not work 100% of the time. The TrainRouting.xml file works hand-in-hand with the OTTO dispatcher by allowing OTTO to route the trains in the correct directions. You will notice that there are several locations listed once you upload the XML file. Those represent places where routes may diverge.

If we were to load the TrainRouting.xml file for the Barstow Yermo route you would find several routing Tags @Mojave Sub, @Cajon Sub, @BarstowRec_Only, etc. Each one represents location in which trains will be sent. For instance, if you want to route Pasco (PAS) trains down the Cajon Sub you would enter "PAS" minus the quotation marks into the @CajonSub symbol list by following the instructions below. It's important that you are vigilant on where you route your trains because if you set Pasco bound trains down the Cajon Sub they will never make it to Pasco, WA (Hint: It really goes down the Mojave Sub). Most of the symbols are present out of the box and go to the correct routing points. Don't be afraid to mess around with it. But before you do MAKE A BACKUP!